0X800f0906 Error Windows 10 (.NET Framework Installation Error Fix)

The .WEB Framework is an item of software program, established by Microsoft, which offers a variety of core attributes to the Windows system.

Any applications established in ".NET" have the advantage of a variety of various upgrades, attributes as well as collections which are not offered without the bundle.

The tradeoff is that to get the applications dealing with your system, you require to have.NET set up as well as running. This error often tends to reveal when you attempt as well as set up the 3.5 variation of it.

The repair – according to Microsoft – is to really carry out a core upgrade of the Windows OS from an ISO documents. This isn't a significant problem yet there are likewise a variety of various other actions you can take as well.


The error generally reveals with the adhering to message:

Error: 0x800f0906

The resource documents might not be downloaded and install.


Error code: 0x800F0906

The reason for the issue is that the "Windows Image" is corrupt.

This suggests that particular documents, setups as well as choices within the Windows OS will certainly not be functioning correctly, leading the error to show up.

The service is a mix of upgrading Windows as well as making certain that there are no core mistakes with its setups etc.



The "SFC" (System File Checker) + "DISM" (Deployment Image Servicing as well as Management) applications are common aspects of the Windows environment.

Whilst they are extremely reliable, they're not that efficient dealing with the 0x800f0906 error however.

Nonetheless, they are the least invasive means to function in the direction of a remedy, as well as hence require to a minimum of be tried prior to doing anymore heavy-lifting.

  • Press "Windows" + "S" tricks on key-board
  • This will certainly raise the "search" box, right into which you need to kind "CMD"
  • From the listing that shows up, right-click "Command Prompt" with your computer mouse as well as pick "Run as Administrator"

When it tons, kind the following:

  • "SFC / scannow"
  • This will certainly compete a long time – after which it will certainly reveal the "results" of the development (it need to be fine)
  • Once full, kind "DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth"
  • This will certainly carry out one more check – allow it run and after that ultimately it need to display the outcomes for you
  • Restart your COMPUTER

The factor of this is to tidy up any one of the "system" submits that might exist on your system.

Windows has a a great deal of "system files" which are needed to maintain it running as efficiently as feasible. Both SFC + DISM have the ability to take care of most of these troubles, yet not all.

It's extremely most likely that the 0x800f0906 error will certainly not be solved with this action alone.

2. Internet Connectivity

The following action is to inspect Internet connection.

This could appear insignificant, yet it's typically the instance that a a great deal of systems will certainly have particular problems with the means their Internet is attached.

If you wish to see to it that your computer system has the ability to download and install the ideal documents / updates, you require to make certain that the Internet is completely functioning:

  • Load up your favored internet internet browser
  • Try attaching to the "Windows Update" site

If the link operates in an internet browser, you'll requirement to attempt it from CMD:

  • Press "Windows" + "S" tricks on your key-board
  • In the "search" box that shows up, kind "CMD"
  • Right-click the listings as well as choose "Run As Administrator"
  • Type: "ping update. Microsoft. Com" (without rooms)
  • If the ping succeeds, it must be fine

3. Group Policy Settings

If the above does not function, you'll requirement to guarantee your individual account has the right consents to really download and install different updates (such as.NET).

  • Press "Windows" + "S" tricks on your key-board
  • In the "Search" box, kind "Group Policy" as well as click the "Edit Group Policy" listing which shows up

In the applet which tons, do the following:

  • Select "Computer Configuration" from the left sidebar
  • Select "Administrative Templates" + "Systems"
  • From the listing that shows up, choose "Specify settings for optional component installation and component repair"
  • Select "Enabled" from the left setups food selection
  • Click "OK"
  • Try installing.NET once again

If this does not function, it is most likely that the "source" for the installation is corrupt or harmed. To address this, we can utilize the Windows installation tool.

4. Windows Installation Medium

Lastly, you wish to attempt utilizing the Windows Installation Medium to produce a collection of brand-new documents which any.NET installation has the ability to utilize.

This is a typical technique, as well as can be done utilizing the adhering to actions:

  • Search for "Windows Media Creation Tool"
  • Click on the initial Microsoft website that shows up
  • Click the "Download Tool Now" switch
  • Save the documents to your disk drive & tons it up
  • Select "Create ISO"
  • Follow the actions to produce an ISO (which you need to after that double-click to "mount")

Once the ISO is installed, you will certainly after that have the ability to reference its documents as needed.

To do this efficiently, you'll have the ability to utilize the 3rd action – other than, this time around you'll have the ability to handle the "source" to consist of the installation submits that your system might require.

You can do this utilizing the following:

  • Follow the "Group Policy Settings" action in action 3
  • Before clicking "OK", input "[[ISO drive path]] / resources / sxs" right into the "Alternate source file path" box
  • Run "gpupdate / force"
  • Add the.NET attribute
  • Restart your COMPUTER

If the above do not function, it recommends you have a much deeper problem within Windows.

To willpower this, you'll either requirement to speak to a person with straight accessibility to your system, or individuals that have the ability to classify the error for you. Obviously, an Internet post cannot do that.

Source by Richard Peck

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