0Xc0000076 Error in Windows 10

The 0xc0000076 error is brought on by an absence of a "library" on Windows, normally Visual C ++, DirectX or comparable.

The error reveals when you are attempting to run a "large" application such as a video game or some kind of graphics application. It is created since the application will certainly call for an aspect from the collection, which is either not set up or otherwise obtainable on your system.

The error will normally reveal as "0xc0000076" or even more typically "0xc000007b" error, pointed out after the application attempts to tons.

The means to address this trouble is to make certain that you have the suitable collection / dependences needed by the application to run. It needs to solve 90% of the problems with the error.


The normal error message for the 0xc0000076 error is as complies with:

The application stopped working to boot up appropriately (0xc0000076)

The crucial to repairing this is to comprehend that every application on Windows needs a collection of "libraries" or "dependencies" to assist it run.

These collections are kept on the disk drive as DLL data, applications such as DirectX as well as "redistributable" plans such as Visual C ++. Whilst Microsoft disperses a lot of one of the most prominent collections, there are a number given by various other business as well.

The profits of the 0xc0000076 error is that your system is incapable to fill the dependences needed to run the application.

Solution Steps

1. Reinstall Visual C ++

Visual C ++ is normally the offender right here. It is a collection of programs dispersed by Microsoft to assist boost the performance of Windows.

Unfortunately, like numerous points "Microsoft", they've overcomplicated it – making VC ++ a completely 3rd party download as well as dividing in between various variations, each of which needs to be downloaded and install in order to offer the needed performance.

Unfortunately, it is typically the situation that also if the appropriate VC ++ is set up, it ends up being broken or damaged, protecting against applications from reviewing it properly.

The initial step to dealing with the 0xc0000076 error, consequently, is to guarantee you've set up the most up to date variations of the needed VC ++ redistributable plans …

  • In Windows 7, click onto "Start"> "Control Panel"> "Add / Remove Programs"
  • In Windows 10, right-click onto "Start" / "Windows" switch> pick "Programs and Features"
  • From the checklist that shows up, pick any kind of variations of "Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable", as well as TAKE DOWN their year number (this is very important)
  • After taking down the years, you need to after that right-click each of the listings as well as pick "Uninstall"
  • After uninstalling them, reboot your COMPUTER
  • After reboot, you'll demand to surf to Google as well as try to find "Microsoft latest visual C ++ packages"
  • For each of the "years" that you took down in the past, download and install the suitable download as well as mount.

A fast note on this subject – when you download and install each VC ++ plan, you'll be asked whether you desire the "x64" or "x86" variation. This represents the "architecture" of your system.

If you're unsure which variation of Windows you have, you require to do the following:

  • Press "Windows" + "R" tricks on your key-board
  • In the "Run" discussion, kind "dxdiag" as well as press "Enter"
  • When DXDiag reveals, try to find the "Operating System" listing
  • Take note of whether it's 64-little bit or 32-little bit – 64-little bit is x64 as well as 32-little bit is x86
  • From there, you need to mount the different VC ++ plans and after that allow it run.

2. Update DirectX

Next, you require to upgrade DirectX.

DirectX is a core aspect of Windows which permits your system to run 3D graphics etc.

Unfortunately, because of numerous video games etc placing their very own variations of DirectX data onto your system, it is typically the situation that applications will certainly reveal a multitude of mistakes etc with it.

If this holds true, you'll wish to mount the "update" to DirectX which needs to change any one of the harmed harmed data it might have …

  • Click onto "Google" as well as try to find "DirectX Download" – click the initial web link
  • Click on the orange "Download" switch
  • Click "No thanks and continue"
  • Save the data to your disk drive
  • Open the application as well as click with the procedure (ensure you wear't approve the "Bing Bar" scamware)
  • Let it mount the data needed to upgrade DirectX
  • Restart your COMPUTER

Once your COMPUTER has actually reactivated, you need to continue to the following action.

3. Reinstall.INTERNET

.INTERNET resembles the above 2 dependences, in that it supplies a multitude of functions, data as well as setups needed to obtain Windows functioning appropriately.

Unfortunately, like the others, it can end up being harmed or damaged. If this holds true, you'll wish to upgrade it to the most up to date variation, which can be finished with the following:

  • In Windows 7, click onto "Start"> pick "Control Panel"> "Add / Remove Programs"
  • In Windows 10, right-click onto "Start" / "Windows" switch> pick "Programs and Features"
  • From the discussion that reveals, click "Turn Windows features on or off" – Uncheck ".NET 3.5" as well as ".NET 4.6.2" and after that click "OK"
  • Let the uninstall procedure occur & reboot your COMPUTER
  • After reboot, you'll wish to view on Google for ".net web installer"
  • Click the orange "Download" switch and after that continue to mount the plan.

This will certainly change any one of the .NET structure data which might be harmed or damaged on the system. This will essentially reset most of dependences on your system which * can * be harmed.

Further to this, you'll additionally wish to make certain any kind of "registry" mistakes are cleared out on your COMPUTER …

4. Clean Out Registry Errors

Registry mistakes are created when the Windows "registry" ends up being broken or damaged.

The pc registry is a main data source which Windows utilizes to keep all the setups as well as alternatives your system needs to run.

This data source is accountable for every little thing from your desktop computer wallpaper to customer character. Unfortunately, it can end up being broken or damaged – stopping your COMPUTER from having the ability to review the setups it needs.

To solution this, you'll be best cleansing it out with a "registry cleaner":

  • Download a dependable pc registry cleaner device (I just suggest CCleanemergency room in 2018 which is offered from "Piriform" – simply Google "CCleaner Download")
  • Install the device as well as tons it up
  • Let it check the pc registry of your system (various other components like Junk Files wear't issue a lot)
  • After the check, tidy / get rid of any one of the troubles it located
  • Restart your COMPUTER

This not just guarantees you're able to take care of any one of the prospective troubles that your computer system might have, however it additionally makes certain that you're able to run the programs successfully.

5. Clean Out Malware & Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the above actions wear't job, the following is to re-install your system's graphics motorist (yes, this is a legitimate root cause of the error).

To do this, you'll wish to download and install "DDU" (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This gets rid of ** all ** of the graphics motorist software program that your system will certainly have set up …

  • Click onto the DDU download and install web page: (you'll need to Google "DDU Download")
  • Save the data to your system
  • Restart your COMPUTER right into "Safe Mode"

To do this, there are differing methods relying on which variation of Windows you're operating:

  • In Windows 7, click "Start"> "Restart"
  • When your system reboots, press F8 repetitively on the key-board prior to anything begins to tons
  • This will certainly raise the "Advanced Boot Options" food selection where you require to pick "Safe Mode"
  • In Windows 10, click "Start" / "Windows" switch (base left edge)
  • Select the "Power" switch – Holding CHANGE, press "Restart"
  • This will certainly raise heaven "Recovery Environment" display.
  • From right here, choice "Troubleshoot"> "Advanced Options"> "Startup Settings"> "Restart"
  • When the system restarts, it will certainly fill the "Advanced Boot Options" display where you'll have the ability to select "Safe Mode" From right here, you'll go into "Safe Mode".
  • You require to click onto the DDU application you downloaded and install and after that allow it run.
  • You'll wish to select "Clean and Restart (Recommended)".

This will totally get rid of the graphics motorist, which * need to * address any kind of staying events of the error. Let the system reboot right into "normal" setting and after that attempt filling the application once again.

Once in "normal" setting, you'll need to obtain the graphics motorist set up once again. In Windows 10, this will normally be done instantly. The factor is that if you have some customized motorist, it might be creating some kind of problems, which will certainly be settled by completely eliminating it with DDU.

If the above doesn't job, you might have a much deeper concern within Windows.

Apart from utilizing a much more effective error cleaner device, you might gain from looking for much more details suggestions. To do this, I would certainly promote either seeing a repair service person (that'll have * specifically * the very same suggestions as me), or asking online.

Source by Richard Peck

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