Before Learning To Speed ​​Read, Know How To Measure Your Reading Rate

Various research describe the period of time spent studying at work. Typically it's round 2 hours a day or roughly 24% of time on-the-job. Improving studying price could be a enhance to productiveness.

What you measure improves, what you give attention to will increase. Before trying to enhance studying price, it is smart to first measure your beginning pace. Most individuals can not even try a guess at how briskly they learn, whereas others estimate a price too sluggish just like typing pace, comparable to 80 or 90 phrases per minute (wpm).

Here's a simple technique to calculate your price utilizing your individual studying materials. While there are studying assessments on-line, they often provide you with a outcome with out empowering you to have the ability to monitor and measure your studying price any time in any kind of studying materials.

What you'll want

– Book – paperback or hardback measurement e book (for simple calculating). Make certain it's easy-to-read fiction or non-fiction.

– Timer – countdown timer, stopwatch, clock or watch with a seconds fingers.

– Pocket calculator

– Two paper clips or sticky notes or a pencil to mark begin and finish factors


1. Identify begin level

Ignore any preface, foreword or introduction and begin at Chapter One of the e book. Place a paper clip or sticky notice or pencil tick to point your begin level.

2. Read for Three minutes.

When prepared, begin the timer and start studying for Three minutes for good comprehension, that’s, for wonderful understanding and delight. At Three minutes cease studying and place a pencil tick or paper clip or sticky notice to point your finish level.

3. Check recall

To verify your recall, flip the e book face down and spend 30 seconds jotting down some notes about what you possibly can keep in mind. Better nonetheless, prepare to carry out this studying check with a pal or colleague and swap a 30-second abstract.

Decide whether or not your abstract was:

– Excellent

– Very Good

– Good

– Average

– Fair

– Below Par

4. Calculate studying price

Now calculate your studying price in phrases per minute. To do that, rely the overall phrases learn then divide by the variety of minutes spent studying, doing the next steps:

a) Count phrases per line

To work out the typical variety of phrases per line, rely the overall phrases on three traces and divide by three. (A phrase has to have two letters to rely.) The ordinary end in paperback is round 10 phrases per line. In hardback it's 12 to 13 phrases per line.

b) Count variety of traces learn

Then rely the overall variety of traces you learn. (Two half-lines rely as one line).

c) Calculate complete phrases learn

For the overall phrases learn, multiply the variety of traces by the variety of phrases per line.

d) Words per minute

Divide complete phrases learn by variety of minutes spent studying.

Here's the formulation:

___ Lines X Words Per Line = _____Total Words ÷ 3 = _____ WPM


– If your studying price is between 200 to 300 WPM that's a median studying price. Most individuals learn at this price.

– If your studying price is beneath 200 WPM, did you select technical studying materials with a excessive diploma of issue? This can sluggish studying price. Or do you steadily learn technical or scientific materials at a sluggish tempo in order that the whole lot you learn is on the identical sluggish tempo?

– If your studying price is above 400 WPM, it signifies you aren’t so impacted by poor studying habits comparable to sub-vocalization (listening to every phrase in your head as you might be studying), or regression (the attention flitting again to reread a phrase ; most readers regress 50 or 60 occasions per web page) or fixation (studying one phrase at a time with a slender focus).

– If your studying price is above 1000 WPM, congratulations; That's an important outcome. If you additionally assessed your understanding and reminiscence as wonderful to excellent, then you’re a speed-reader.

Now that you recognize your present studying pace, subsequent step is to learn to learn sooner.

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