Calculating Down To The Final Seven Years Of Tribulation

All Scripture References Taken From The Original King James Version Of the Bible

As I calculate right down to the seven years of tribulation, I’ll be working off the Jewish/Babylonian/Lunar Calendar. I observe right here that I will even use Hebrew/Greek phrases in my calculations as a result of they’re essential to the reader’s understanding of how we attain the seven yr Tribulation of Daniel’s prophecy, that has not but come. (“H7620.. shabuwa` shabua` shebu`ah.. Properly passive participle of H7650 as a denominative of H7651; literally sevened, that is, a week (specifically of years): – seven, week.”), present in Strong’s Concordance module in e-Sword..

NOTE: “SHABUWA/Weeks of Years, ” and “SHABUA/Week of Years, ” are ALWAYS counted in SEVENS, (i.e. 7 days, weeks, months, years). Please do not lose web site of that truth or none of this may make sense. Here’s the way it works:

READ: DANIEL 9:24-26

7 (Weeks of years/”shabuwa”) x 7 = 49 years

“Threescore” (60 prophetic weeks, 7 years every), + (2 weeks of seven years every), calculates out like this:

60 x 7 + 2 (two weeks of seven years every is 14 yrs.) = 434 prophetic years

Then we add the primary (49) years, and here’s what it seems like

60 x 7 + 14 (weeks of years) + 49 = 483 prophetic years, or (69 weeks/”shabuwa” which means, 7 years every), which have already been accomplished in biblical occasions

***REMEMBER, (70 PROPHETIC WEEKS), had been decided upon the holy metropolis and it is folks. According to my math, we’re lacking seven, (7 prophetic years, or one “shabua” week), of Daniel’s prophecy. So the place are the lacking seven years, you may ask… Well, I’ll calculate them for you now…

70 x 7 weeks of years = a complete of (490) prophetic years. WAIT, there’s extra to calculate…

Let me pause for a second to notice that FROM, the preliminary decree to rebuild Jerusalem, (starting within the yr of 444 B.C. within the month on Nisan – March/April). TO, the FIRST coming of Christ, using into the rebuilt Holy City of Jerusalem, on a donkey, took, (483 or 69 Babylonian/Jewish years), after which Jesus was “cut off” or crucified, only a few days after leaving Jerusalem. We nonetheless have seven, (7) lacking weeks of years, so lets discover out what is going on on with that… Notice that on the Jewish/Babylonian calendar, there have been at all times two months collectively.

Still working from the Babylonian/Jewish/Lunar calendar

483 prophetic years, (from decree to rebuild Jerusalem to Christ’s first coming)

490 Jewish years to meet Daniel’s, (70, weeks of years/”shabuwa”) prophecy


After working the numbers, I’ve proven you that there are seven, (7) years left to go to be able to fulfill Daniel’s (490 yr), prophecy, given to him in a imaginative and prescient, delivered by Gabriel. Now, let’s take discover that there’s a motive these last seven years, (of Tribulation or Time of Trouble), haven’t materialized as of but, it’s as a result of, each since Jesus was crucified on the cross, (which ushered in a interval, or Dispensation of Grace, generally referred to as a GAP), we’ve been residing within the GAP or Grace interval.

However, the Grace/Gap interval will finish and the final Seven, (7), Years of TRIBULATION could have formally begun, when the Antichrist, (first beast, or prince, alongside together with his sidekick, the False Prophet, second beast), comes on the scene and makes a One Prophetic/Shabua Week settlement /covenant with the Israeli Jews). This clearly DEBUNKS the parable that claims, there is no such thing as a such factor because the Seven Year Tribulation. The bible might not particularly dot each (i) and cross each (T) with the precise wording, nevertheless, all one must do is CALCULATE!


MYTH ONE: There is NO Seven (7) Year Tribulation – My calculations on this article, (I imagine), have confirmed that assertion to be completely FALSE

MYTH TWO: That the dying of Jesus on the cross is what ended or severed the covenant settlement that was made with the Israeli Jews… FALSE

NOTE: Let us take a better have a look at the second delusion. Jesus’ dying on the cross was NOT the rationale for the covenant with the Jewish folks being damaged, fairly the opposite. The latter half of, (DAN. 9:26), clearly states that Jesus did not die on the cross for himself or for the “people of the prince, ” (observe, this prince is spelled with a small p), the Antichrist is typically referred to, (in scripture), as prince. Also, discover in, (vs.25), it makes use of a capital (P) when referring to the “Messiah” being “cut off” or crucified.

Verse, (26), additionally says that the small, (p), prince will come and destroy the “city and the sanctuary, ” or Jerusalem and the Temple. THAT’S NOT GOD/JESUS. At that time, God destroyed the land with a “flood, ” REMEMBER Noah and the Arch? Verse, (27), of Daniel’s imaginative and prescient/prophecy, lets us know that this prince will make a one week, of seven years covenant, “with many, ” which means the Jewish nation of Israel, I feel it was referred to as Judah in Bible occasions.

The prince/Antichrist will break this settlement with the Jews within the “midst of the week, ” or center, ( 7 years divided by 2 = three 1/2 years), in response to, (DAN. 9:27), that is what ended the Jewish sacrifices and prayers of their beloved TEMPLE. OUR God will NEVER make after which break a promise. God does EVERYTHING in an orderly and well timed method.

Don’t overlook my calculations and the Hebrew phrase, “SHABUWA” (which means, weeks of years, every week = 7 years), which leaves ONLY one prophetic week that has not come to cross. This is our lacking week/seven years of TRIBULATION, which is able to END Daniel’s,(70 yr), PROPHECY, after which Jesus will make his TRIUMPHANT SECOND COMING, that is the GOOD NEWS. Although, the Holy scripture states CLEARLY, that NO man will know the day or the hour, when the Son of man shall come, (READ: Matthew 24:36-39… Focus on verses, 36 & 37), make no mistake, God is coming again AGAIN. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Source by Carol J Beard

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