Collard Greens Recipe – How to Clean and Cook Collard Greens

Collard greens have actually long been a fave of lots of Southerners. However, since numerous collard greens dishes include pork hocks or various other meats which contain a lot of fat, the dietary worth of this veggie is commonly forgotten. Collards are a healthy and balanced resource of fiber. They include vitamin C and anti microbial and anti-cancer cells representatives. There are lots of means to cook collard greens.

If you select to taste your greens with a smoked pork hock, smoked neck bones or turkey legs (the much healthier selection) you will certainly desire to placed them in a supply pot with cool water over a tool fire. The quantity of meat made use of will certainly depend upon the quantity of greens that you are cooking. Allow the meat to cook for 2-3 hrs or till it is diminishing the bone.

While this is cooking you will certainly require to “pick” and clean your greens. Picking suggests to get rid of the big stems. Removing way too many stems will certainly additionally get rid of taste and nutrients. Once you have actually gotten rid of the stems you will certainly after that roll up the fallen leaves and reduced them right into strips or you might favor to tear them.

The following action is to clean the greens. This is extremely vital as you desire to ensure to get rid of any type of dust or sand. It is suggested to start by saturating the greens in water with salt and vinegar for around 10 mins. Pour the water off and repeat the procedure. If the initial water that is put off does not show up to be as well unclean you might not require to “soak” the greens for the 2nd time. However, you will certainly desire to proceed to laundry and wash the greens as lot of times as needed till you are pleased that the greens are clean. Once you are pleased wash them one last time and placed them right into the pot with the meat.

For extra flavoring you will certainly desire to include sliced garlic cloves or garlic powder, smashed red pepper, 1 sliced onion or onion powder, salt, black pepper, one tbsp of sugar and 1-2 tbsps of vinegar. Once the pot comes to a boil you will certainly cover and enable the greens to simmer on tool mixing sometimes. The greens might take anywhere from half an hour to a hr on tool warm. You might favor to simmer them on reduced for up to 2 hrs. The greens will certainly be done when they hurt to preference.

Another collard greens recipe that has actually lately obtained appeal is “sautéed collard greens.” You will certainly choose and laundry and reduced the greens as explained in the previous recipe. You will certainly after that pale the greens in boiling water for around 30 mins and drain them. Then location bacon drippings right into a frying pan. Use about 2 tbsps of bacon drippings for every lot of greens. Add one sliced onion sauteing till tender. Add the greens, salt, pepper and sugar, food preparation till tender. Once you have actually attempted collard greens you will certainly comprehend their appeal.

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