Fix Error 1305 in Windows

During the setup of software program such as Microsoft Office or Adobe photoshop, error 1305 might happen in Windows 7, Vista and also XP. The summary of the error is revealed listed below:

Error 1305: Error contacting submit (File Name and also Location). Verify that the documents exists which you can access it.

There are a variety of reasons that this error takes place. Here you will certainly locate actions that are practical to fix error code 1305 in Windows 7, Vista and also XP.


Clean the Installation Disc

Replace the Installation Disc

Correct the Registry Configurations

Quit Unnecessary Software

Copy Setup Files to the Desktop and also Start Installation

Reconfigure Windows Startups

Clean the Installation Disc

Before beginning the setup procedure tidy the CD/DVD with a soft fabric. Insert it and also reboot the configuration once again. In situation the issue is brought on by dust places on the disc, it is extremely most likely that after cleansing the CD/DVD error will certainly not show up once again.

Replace the Installation Disc

Error 1305 in Office might happen when the setup CD ROM is scraped. A damaged disc makes it tough for the system to accessibility setup documents and also subsequently such runtime mistakes happen. Replace your setup media to fix the issue.

Correct the Registry Configurations

Windows Registry has a number of entrances and also arrangements. If the computer registry is inaccurately customized, you might run into Windows error 1305 in your Windows 7, Vista and also XP throughout the setup of Microsoft Office or a comparable software program. Scan the computer registry utilizing a Registry Cleaner software program and also eliminate the contrasting arrangements discovered.

Stop/Remove Unnecessary Software

Stop/Remove the lesser software program working on your computer system. Similarly quit undesirable system solutions running in the history. It might hold true you are encountering the error as a result of contrasting solutions and/or as a result of the visibility of void information in your system.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

The Task Manager will certainly be released.

Stop unneeded programs and also solutions from the particular Applications and also Processes tabs.

If you are not exactly sure exactly how to handle and also enhance computer system solutions, make use of a system energies software program that supplies the Services Manager function.

Copy Setup Files to the Desktop and also Start Installation

In order to quit error 1305 in Windows 7, Vista and also XP, duplicate the configuration submits to your desktop computer and also run the installer from below. Do these actions:

Insert the program setup disc.

Open My Computer.

Double click the disc drive to open up.

Press Ctrl + A to choose all the documents & folders in the origin directory site.

Press Ctrl + C to prepare them for duplicating.

Minimize the home window and also develop a brand-new folder called Setup Files on your desktop computer.

Open it and also press Ctrl + V to paste the replicated documents.

Launch the setup.exe or install.exe program from there.

Reconfigure Windows Startup Items

Using System Configuration device, enable discerning programs to begin at Windows start-up and also disable handling ‘System.ini’ and also ‘Win.ini’ documents in order to fixing Windows error 1305.

Press Windows Key + R.

Type MsConfig and also press ENTER.

In the General tab, choose the alternative Selective Startup.

For Windows XP individuals, uncheck the adhering to boxes:

Process System.ini

Process Win.ini

Click Startup tab, and also uncheck all the programs. Click Apply.

Click Services tab, and also note package Hide All Microsoft Services as inspected. Click Apply.

Click OKAY and also reboot the system when motivated.

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