Garden Bugs – How to Tell the "10 Most Wanted" Good Guys From the "Dirty Dozen"

With gardening come regular tasks that are enjoyable at initially, however they may obtain a little bit dull with time. Your difficulty as head garden enthusiast is to maintain youngsters’s passion degree high with a mix of education and learning, video games and also competitions.

It all beginnings with Knowing Your Bugs. There are “Good Bugs” – the 10 Most Wanted”. These are the guys you desire to urge to socialize in the family members garden.

Then there are the not-so-good-guys – really the “10 Most Wanted”. These bugs are desired in the Wild, Wild West means – dead or to life. These guys consume or draw the juices out of your plants. What’s that you claim? No such point as a good bug? The just good bug is a dead one? Shame on you. These heros consume the garden’s crooks.

Teach your children how to identify the good bugs from the negative. Here’s a guide:

The Top 10 Most Wanted – The Good Garden Guys

1 Earthworms: They freshen the dirt by tunneling, and also their waste matter feeds it. I call them “poopers”.

2 Pillbugs: poopers

3 Dung beetles: poopers (The name claims everything!)

4 Bumble : cross-pollinate plants

5 Praying mantises: consume negative parasites

6 Lacewings: consume aphids

7 Ladybugs: consume aphids and also various other parasites

8 Braconid wasps: consume hornworms

9 Butterflies: cross-pollinate plants

10 Wasps: cross-pollinate plants.

The Dirty Dozen: The Bad Garden Bugs

If you’re handpicking, you have 2 alternatives: choice and also crush (except the pale of heart), or choice and also throw right into a container fifty percent loaded with water and also a dashboard of fluid soap.

1 Aphids (Spray off with water)

2 Corn earworms (handpick)

3 Tomato hornworms (handpick)

4 Squash creeping plant borers (insert cord in opening in stem and also skewer)

5 Cucumber beetles (handpick)

6 Cutworms (usage cutworm collars – 2-inch areas of bathroom-paper or paper towel rolls pressed right into the ground around stems of transplants)

7 Cabbage loopers (handpick)

8 Mealybugs (spray off with water or swab off with alcohol)

9 Spider termites (spray off with water)

10 Snails and also slugs (handpick, crush or laid out beer catches)

11 Earwigs (catch and also crush)

12 Whiteflies (spray off with water or laid out yellow sticky catches).

Source by Tara Aronson

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