How Much Does it Cost to Use a Food Dehydrator?

A standard false impression is that it is pricey, electrical energy clever, to function a meals dehydrator. This is just not true, despite the fact that dehydrators use electrical energy to function their heating system and followers for longer intervals of time, generally up to twelve and eighteen hours.

Food dehydrators are used to dry varied meals by eliminating the water throughout the meals. The water content material of meals may be very excessive, usually between 80% to 95% for varied vegatables and fruits and 50% to 75% for various meats. In order to reduce dehydration time, finest dehydration practices to comply with embody slicing meals into 1/Four inch or much less strips and evenly spreading the meals all through the unit’s trays so as to maximize the quantity of the meals’s floor that’s uncovered to the unit’s warmth and air stream.

However, even following finest dehydration practices, a meals drying course of can take a number of hours. One temptation is to try to pace up the drying time by rising the dehydrating temperature. This is just not beneficial and may end up in case hardened meals; that’s, meals that’s dried and arduous on the skin however moist and containing water on the within. Case hardened meals will spoil due to microbial progress.

So what do typical dehydrators price to function? Obviously the prices rely upon the state and native space that you simply dwell in, nonetheless, throughout the U.S., on common, working a 750 watt unit for one hour would price about Eight cents. Cost per state, per hour, for a similar 750 watt unit varies from about 5 cents on the low finish in North Dakota to nearly 22 cents in Hawaii.

A typical dehydrator might run for twelve hours. As an instance, assuming a dehydrator person lives within the state of California, a food dehydrator calculator can be utilized to estimate electrical energy prices required to run a 750 watt meals drying equipment for, say, 12 hours straight. In this case the electrical energy price can be about $1.21. In truth, most meals drying items energy on and off throughout the drying cycle so this might be a most electrical energy price.

If the identical Californian person purchased about 3.7 kilos of apples at $1.29 per pound and dried these apples throughout that 12 hour time interval, the person would have about 1 pound of dried apples and the price of the dried apples can be $4.77. The complete working price for one pound of do-it-yourself dried apples would thus be about $5.98. This do-it-yourself price compares favorably to a well-known nationwide model of dried apples that was not too long ago promoting at a main grocery retailer chain for $2.79 for a 5 ounce bag or a price per pound of $8.93. Savings for do-it-yourself dried apples, made with a dehydrator, versus retailer purchased – about $3.00.

Dehydrate your personal dried fruit, dried greens and jerky at dwelling utilizing your meals dehydrator. You’ll repeatedly lower your expenses versus retailer purchased dried fruit and jerky and acquire a return on the price of the meals drying equipment. Further, you possibly can management the elements that go into your meals (most retailer purchased dried fruit and jerky comprise extra sugars and salts) and make nice tasting meals.

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