How to Calculate ClickBank Refund Rate In 4 Easy Steps

For those that advertise items from ClickBank, you may desire to bear in mind of the refund rate of these items. It would not be extremely smart to advertise an item with high paying compensation yet additionally with high refund rate. There are 4 easy steps to determining the refund rate for ClickBank items.

The formula is just similar to this:

Step 1: (Product Price – 7.5%) – $1 = Net Commission

We start with determining the Net Commission where the formula is (Product Price – 7.5%) – $1.The portion of 7.5% and also $1 are really ClickBank’s compensation fees as an associate network to take care of all the handling and also management. So by deducting ClickBank’s compensation off the item rate, this equates to to your ‘Net Commission’.

Step 2: Net Commission x Payout Percentage = Affiliate Commission

This is where you increase your Net Commission with the Payout Percentage, it after that relates to your Affiliate Commission.

Step 3: Affiliate Commission – $Earned/Sale = Refund Difference

Obtain the Refund Difference, you just minus your Affiliate Commission over the Earned/Sale worth.

Step 4: ($ Refund Difference / Affiliate Commission) x 100 = Refund Percentage

The Refund Difference split by the Affiliate Commission, increased by 100 after that this relates to your Refund Percentage.

Now allow’s show it a lot more plainly with an instance. I will certainly make use of “Stream Online Movies” as our instance item. There are 3 variables we require to think about.

Product Price = $45.95

$Earned/Sale = $25.21

Payout Percentage = 75%

The item rate is really $45.95. The item prices can be discovered by clicking the ‘View Pitch Page’ that will certainly route you to the sales web page deal and also all you require to do is to look for the item rate. For Stream Online Movies, you would certainly require click “Get Access”, register your e-mail address and also you’ll be taken to the sales provide web page where you can see the item rate. In various other situations, the items rate can normally be discovered by scrolling down to all-time low of the sales provide web page.

The Earned per Sale quantity is acquired from the very first column of the ClickBank’s market search engine result. For Stream Online Movies the Earned per Sale quantity is $25.21. For this item, the payment portion is 75%.

So currently allow’s service the estimation.

Step 1: ($45.95 – 7.5%) = $41.50 (Net Commission)

You demand to begin by taking the Product Price, minus off 7.5% of ClickBank’s compensation, minus a buck which relates to your Net Commission.

Step 2: ($41.50 x 75%) = $31.13 (Affiliate Commission)

Then utilizing your Net Commission, increase it by 75% of the Payout which relates to your Affiliate Commission; in this situation, it would certainly be $31.13.

Step 3: ($31.13 – $25.21) = $5.92 (Refund Difference)

Then minus off the Affiliate Commission with the Earned/Sale worth and also you’ll obtain a Refund Difference of just $5.92.

Step4: ($5.92 / $31.13) = 19.01% (Refund Percentage)

The Refund Percentage is after that computed by $5.92 split over the Affiliate Commission and also increasing it by 100. This relates to a fairly high refund portion of 19.01%.

This goes to reveal that this item is reasonably effective since 19.01% of their consumers have actually asked for a refund. There are several items available with different refund portion. Refunds are typical in sales and also advertising. Normally the sort of refund rate you would certainly desire to watch out for in an item is anything in between 0 – 10%. Of training course, the reduced the refund rate, the far better.

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