How to Install Windows 7

Now allow’s have a look on how you can go on and also reinstall Windows 7 on your computer system  ( or )  how to install Windows 7 on your computer system.

First  guarantee that you support all your information prior to starting the reinstallation.

Reason being easy  when we are going to install Windows, Windows will certainly remove all the information on the computer system and also re-install a fresh duplicate.

First  put the Windows disk that you have actually entered the computer system.

Now reboot your computer system and after that touch f12 on the key-board to obtain to the boot food selection there select boot gadget to cd/dvd or cd rom or dvd rom and after that touch go into constantly up until you see an alternative which states Windows is packing data.

By any type of opportunity if you are unable to go to the boot food selection after that touch f2 when the device activates.

It will certainly take you to the biographies there go to the boot area and after that transform the boot order prioriy to cd/dvd rom and after that reboot your system after that it will certainly try to boot from the disk.

Now  when the device is starting from the disk as I informed you you will certainly see a message mentioning that Windows is packing data.

Wait up until Windows tons all the data.

Once it tons all the data you will certainly obtain a Window where it will certainly ask you to pick the language select the language in which you desire to install Windows.

Below that you will certainly likewise see an one more choice which states select the key-board set out select the key-board format and also afterwards click following.

Now you need to see a message mentioning click install currently. Click on install currently.

Now  you will certainly obtain an one more display which states approve the permit terms.

Please approve the permit terms  and after that click following.

Once when you click  on next it will take you to a page where it will give you 2 options upgrade or custom advanced.

Click on custom advanced.

Now you should see the list of partitions available on your computer.

Select the partition where you want to install Windows and then format the partition by choosing drive options and then clicking on format.

When you click format you will get a warning message stating that what ever data that you got every thing will be erased.

Click on ok.

Note: when you click on format what ever data that you have got on the machine every thing will be erased.

Once the format is completed you will come back to the same screen displaying the partitions.

Now since the partition is formatted select the partition and then click on following.

Windows will certainly start the installation.

And while the installation is going on it will certainly ask you choose the settings like the time zone, computer system name, and  user accounts. Go ahead and choose them installation will certainly be completed after that you will certainly be back to your desk top.

That’s it Windows is installed on the computer system.

Once Windows is installed go ahead and also install the drivers that needs to be mounted on your computer system.

Source by Praveen Emmanuel Sakilaya

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