How To Stop Windows Viruses From Infecting Mac Files in VmWare Fusion

If the virtualised Windows laptop is hit by a virus, there's probability it’ll infect the recordsdata in your shared / User listing. More over viruses even goal shared folders. VMWare Fusion shares User listing with virtualized Windows installations. This is made routinely and independently of OS X's file sharing techniques, meaning it really works even when each Windows Sharing and Personal File Sharing should not turned on in System Preferences (even when MAC OS-X's firewall is turned on).

The decision is to show off VMWare Fusion 's sharing attribute, after which construct a shared folder in the digital Windows machine, which you’ll entry with OS X's Finder. In this fashion, any virus is not going to "notice" recordsdata on the OS-X host, however you may nonetheless change recordsdata forwards and backwards. The following instructions are for a virtualized XP Home. In XP Pro sharing preferences are barely totally different, however you may simply determine it it out. Once these instructions are adopted, you may nonetheless drag recordsdata between the digital machine and the OS X desktop:

  1. Shutting down the digital Windows through Start -> Turn Off Computer.
  2. On VMWare Fusion Click Settings for the digital machine, click on on Shared Folders on left, and take away all checks in opposition to Enabled and Enabled at Power On.
  3. Now Restart the digital machine.
  4. When booted, select folder that you just need to share and right-click (reminiscent of My Pictures) then click on on Properties.
  5. Click on Sharing tab and click on on hyperlinked textual content that claims "If you understand the security risks but want to share files …"
  6. In the dialog that seems, click on Just Enable File Sharing, and click on OK.
  7. Click Share This Folder On the Network, after which click on Allow Network Users to Change my Files. Click OK.
  8. Now you have to IP deal with of the virtualized Windows laptop. Most seemingly will probably be, however you may examine by clicking Start -> Run, typing cmd, and typing ipconfig on the immediate. Look for the road that reads IP Address.
  9. On the OS X host laptop, open a Finder window and click on Go -> Connect to Server.
  10. On the Server Address line, kind smb: // (probably changing the IP deal with with the one you found earlier). Click Connect.
  11. A dialog ought to seem letting you log into the Windows share. You might need to kind your Windows user-name and password. If there isn’t any password, go away the password subject clean.

Surely, you may create an OS X desktop shortcut to the share, too. Simply right-click the icon that seems after you mount the share and click on Make Alias. Make certain to pull the brand new mount to the Trash earlier than shutting down the digital machine.

Source by Kevin K Smith

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