‘Procedure Entry Point SteamController Could Not Be Located in STEAM_API DLL’ Fix in Windows 7/8/10

The “Procedure entry point Steam Controller could not be located in the dynamic link library” mistake in Windows 7/8/10 is brought on by a damaged, harmed or inappropriate DLL documents.

The mistake is associated with video games, yet is in fact existing with a a great deal of various other applications as well.

The core of the mistake is that the application in concern (in your situation Steam) will certainly be incapable to fill a certain DLL documents – leading the system to stop working with the mistake mentioned in your message. For any one of the versions of this mistake, the trouble comes from having a DLL which does not have the legitimate capability needed to obtain the application functioning properly.

The mistake will certainly reveal with the complying with message:

  • [x].exe – Entry Point Not Found
  • The treatment entry point SteamController could not lie in the vibrant web link collection steam_api.dll


The trouble you’re experiencing is the outcome of a DLL documents being called, yet not having a feature readily available from within it.

Whilst lots of people will merely inform you to change the DLL (which is a legitimate technique), there might be much deeper problems with either Windows or the application elevating the mistake. Thus, in order to properly fix the trouble, you require to be definitely certain you have actually repaired any one of the prospective mistakes that might be triggering it to reveal – which can be with Windows or various other applications on your system.

The major root cause of the mistake is that one more program overwrote the DLL that your application is attempting to accessibility.

This can be brought on by crash, or the various other program could have been developed to do it (in the situation of anti-viruses applications). In any type of situation, the option is to guarantee that your underlying system is functioning properly and afterwards that any one of the DLL files/settings that your computer system has are functioning properly as well. The complying with need to aid you fix the different mistakes you’re experiencing.

To be much more particular concerning the steam_api.dll mistake itself — whenever you utilize a Steam-made it possible for video game, it needs to link to heavy steam through its “API”. An API is an Application Programming Interface, which is technological promote a collection of hooks/actions that can be conjured up by one more program, for a standalone application.

For instance, if you attempt and also fill up COD and also log in with Steam, COD will certainly utilize Steam’s API to log you right into their solution. Ultimately, what it indicates is that although the mistake points out Steam, it’s *not* likely Steam that’s the trouble. The most significant problem is that your video game overwrote the initial steam_api.dll with one which really did not function too. Either method, the solutions are listed here…


  1. Re-Install Steam
    The primary step is to re-install Steam

    Whilst I stated that Steam is not the trouble, the core problem is that steam_api.dll will certainly have been overwritten by your video game.

    As such, you require to make certain that you have the ability to obtain the initial variation back, which indicates re-instaling it. Doing this fasts and also easy:

    – Press “Windows” + “R” tricks on your key-board

    – Type “control.exe appwiz.cpl” and also press “OK”

    – From the checklist that reveals, choose “Steam”, right-click and also choose “Uninstall”

    – Wait for the uninstall to finish and also reactivate your COMPUTER

    After rebooting the system, you require to be able to obtain the most up to date variation of Steam downloaded and install & mounted. To do this, simply head to Steam’s site and also download and install the most up to date variation of the customer.

    Download it and also mount it. After doing this, reactivate your system once more and also attempt filling the video game. Since re-installing changes every one of Steam’s data, steam_api.dll needs to be changed with the most up to date variation.

  2. Re-Install Affected Software
    If you do not have Steam, or re-installing it does not function, you’ll require to re-install any one of the influenced software program.

    The mistake you’re experiencing commonly reveals when you’re running a video game (which counts on Steam). As such, the most effective method to guarantee that it does not have any type of damaged data or setups is to merely re-install claimed video game. This is done by complying with these actions:

    – Press “Windows” + “R” tricks on your key-board

    – Type “control.exe appwiz.cpl” and also press “OK”

    – From the checklist that reveals, choose the video game, right-click and also choose “Uninstall”

    – Wait for the uninstall to finish and also reactivate your COMPUTER

    Once rebooted, you’ll intend to after that try to re-install the video game, ideally downloading and install a fresh duplicate from the Internet. After doing this, reactivate once more and also see if the mistake continues. If it does, proceed with the following actions.

  3. Update Windows
    The following action is to upgrade Windows.

    This could appear minor, yet the variety of individuals running precariously outdated systems is amazing (check WannaCry for evidence of that). Updating Windows is cost-free and also – a minimum of to me – there is no reason you would not intend to do it. The procedure is really easy and also makes certain that any type of prospective pests inside your system are looked after appropriately…

    Windows 7

    – Click the “Start” switch (base left)

    – Click on “Control Panel”

    – Click on “System & Security”

    – Under the “Windows Update” heading, choose “Check for Updates”

    – Download & set up any type of updates it discovers

    Windows 10

    – Right-click the “Start” switch (base left taskbar)

    – Select “Settings”

    – Click “Update & Security”

    – Click “Check for updates”

    – Let the system download & set up any one of the updates it needs

    This might call for a reactivate.

    And – truthfully – it possibly will not fix your mistake… yet need to guarantee that the system is running as efficiently as feasible (dealing with most of pests that could be triggering it to reveal). The following action need to fix the mistake if it still reveals.

  4. Download & Replace steam_api.dll On Your System
    Lastly, you’ll intend to download and install and also change steam_api.dll on your system.

    Most tutorials will certainly advise this from the outset. Whilst all right, there might be various other problems at play – thus why we attempted re-installing initially. It’s much much better to obtain the “official” documents from the software program supplier using setting up the software program, than to simply download and install some DLL from the Internet. Since they really did not function, we’ll need to utilize the actions described right here to change the DLL on your system:

    – Go to Google and also look for “steam_api.dll” download

    – There will certainly be a variety of websites which show up on top (commonly dll-files.com or comparable)

    – Choose one and afterwards aim to download and install the appropriate steam_api.dll for your system (take care to select the right x86/x64 variation)

    – Once you discover a great website, download and install the ZIP to your hard disk

    – Open the ZIP and also remove the DLL had within

    – Right-click the DLL and also choose “Copy”

    – Browse to c:/Windows/System32, best click in a white area and also choose “Paste”

    – If the system asks to overwrite an existing documents, choose “OK”

    – From right here, you require to press “Windows” + “R” tricks on your key-board

    – Into the “Command Prompt”, kind the complying with, pushing “Enter” after each: regsvr32 /u steam_api.dll + regsvr32 /I steam_api.dll

    This needs to reveal a “success” message. After doing this, reactivate your system and also attempt playing the video game once more.

If you’re still experiencing the mistake, it recommends you have much more particular issues with your system.

As this is an Internet write-up, I do not have accessibility to any one of the prospective specifics that your system might have.

Instead, I would certainly advise mosting likely to a source which *does* offer you the capability to fix any one of the issues which might be adding to the additional mistakes. To do this, you might desire to think about having a look at a number of kinds of source…

Firstly, you *could* take the system to a regional fixing man – yet in all sincerity, it’s mosting likely to cost you cash for a solution where the man is essentially simply mosting likely to do what gets on right here. Secondly, you have a number of sources online, specifically “question/answer” areas and also live assistance online.

For this sort of mistake, you would certainly be finest mosting likely to an on the internet assistance neighborhood – either Microsoft Answers or SuperUser – which will certainly have the ability to offer you the capability to get particular comments for your system.

This can be done by clicking onto either of the abovementioned websites, signing up absolutely free and afterwards “ask” an inquiry. Put the complete mistake message as the title and also the summary of just how it tons as the message and afterwards you’ll require to wait (commonly for around 2/3 hrs) for any type of reactions. MA reactions are typically rather common; SuperUser reactions are much more particular yet are completely based on the people sending them (the majority of whom aren’t great).

Source by Richard Peck

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