The Blended Family – "It’s Just Not Fair!"

MY BETTER HALF IS An ACTION-MOMS AND DAD so I asked her, “What’s one thing you’ve learned about being in a blended family?” (Actually, I asked her for even more, wishing to make a listing of 3 or 5 suggestions, however I’m thankful to have one.)

My spouse developed this:

You understand what, it’s just unfair. It’s unfair on the youngsters, the action-moms and dad, or the moms and dad of the youngsters. It’s unfair on any individual. The action-moms and dad and also the moms and dad of the youngsters chose (which might not, in representation, have actually been sensible), however the youngsters had no such deluxe. Remember that you chose; I did. Perhaps we really did not completely understand that option, however we made it and also we require to honour it, which suggests we require to recognize that it is often unjust – however we require to understand that it’s unjust on everybody.

Having dealt with my spouse for 7 years, with and also without the youngsters, I need to concur with her. There have actually been times when I believed, “This just isn’t fair!” But as I discovered the concerns – typically from 3 sides, taking a look at each one-of-a-kind individual’s point of view – and also, nearly without exemption, there was considerable degree of unfairness for everybody.

For me, as spouse and also daddy, I was torn in between my commitments. I understood my spouse was entitled to top commitment, however I additionally pitied my youngsters due to the fact that they weren’t constantly taken into consideration exactly how I felt they ought to have been. I commonly seemed like the meat in the sandwich.

For my spouse, as action-moms and dad and also partner, it was commonly difficult, due to the fact that there was a clash of worths, and also what she viewed as a disrespect, which annoyed her. She was commonly livid due to the fact that she really felt misconstrued and also disempowered.

For my youngsters, as youngsters maturing the most effective means they could, they would certainly commonly really feel misconstrued and also disempowered. This, also, was aggravating.


All family members requirement to really feel there is some procedure or framework for justice in the house. This has to do with duties and also regard. Parents and also action-moms and dads have a function to take care of the house and also the criteria of the home. They require to be valued, however they additionally require to guarantee they appreciate the youngsters.

The ideal moms and dads regard youngsters such that youngsters find out very first-hand exactly how to appreciate the moms and dads.

The moms and dads have the job to do to produce a just family society with regard. When regard is offered it is eventually returned. As moms and dads, we require to stand firm.


Blended family scenarios aren’t reasonable on any individual, however the secret is to see the unfairness from the various other’s perspectives. Then we are readier to deal professionally.

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