The Holistic Approach to Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungus

The holistic method to viruses, micro organism and parasites is to use pure means to enhance the immune system and vitality degree and detoxify the physique of ingested toxins which might be saved within the physique's cells. The physique's immune system will then kill the invading microbes. At the identical time, cleansing will sweep out toxins from the physique's cells. This will enhance the physique's immune system and vitality degree.

It is believed that the holistic method can destroy viral clusters with respect to any viruses together with Ebola, HIV, Herpes and STDs together with the frequent chilly virus and, in lots of instances, eradicate these viruses fully.

Holistic analysis signifies the advantages of the next to enhance the immune system: cat's claw, banderol, samento, pinella, asparagus root extract dietary supplements, sulfur and the cleansing and immune system boosting dietary supplements mentioned above together with turmeric or curcumin, modified citrus pectin and zinc .

Holistic analysis signifies the advantages of the next dietary supplements to assist enhance your vitality degree and immune system: Co-Q 10 or Ubiquinol, Asian mushroom dietary supplements (reishi, chaga, shataki, miataki, cordyceps and others), echineica, astragalus, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, American, Korean, Asian and Siberian gensing, eleuthero, rhodiolo, ashwghanda, grape seed extract, DHEA, NADH, quercetin, probiotics and digestive enzyme dietary supplements, cat's claw, bee propolis, colloidal gold and silver, excessive doses of nutritional vitamins C , D3, B advanced nutritional vitamins, vitamin E, B 17, curcumin and inexperienced tea and inexperienced tea extract dietary supplements together with prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes,

A mix of colloidal silver, chlorpohyll, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, excessive doses of vitamin c, l-lysene, grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil, paw paw and Asian mushroom dietary supplements destroy viruses, micro organism and parasites and B 17 destroys fungus. Topical software of tea tree important oil, greapefruit seed esseential oil and colloidal silverhelp destroy fungus on the pores and skin. Also, bee propolis and modified citrus pectin destroys microbes together with micro organism, viruses and fungus. For HIV, Ebola, STDs and Lyme Disease it’s possible you’ll want to take these dietary supplements a number of instances per day for 2 to three months. Check along with your naturopath physician.

Some of the very best pure methods to detoxify the physique embrace: heat water with recent lemon (drink this plain a few instances every day and add one or two teaspoons of Himalayan salt to one of many heat water drinks or a chilly drink of water and lemon), recent cilantro and parsely, a tea made with recent cilantro and parsley, Himalayan salt (a totally mineralized salt), inexperienced tea, a drink made with one or two teaspoons of bentonite clay or diotomaceous earth, activated charcoal dietary supplements, pectin, chlorella, psyllium husk / corn silk, wheat grass, turmeric / curcumin, garlic, avocado, beets, broccoli, iodine, probiotic and digestive enzyme dietary supplements, milk thistle, dandelion root dietary supplements, apple cider vinegar, kidney flush dietary supplements and colloidal hint minerals, colloidal silver and gold and oregano important oil together with ionic foot baths.

Lavender and frankincense important oils have nice anti-inflammatory properties and clove and oregano important oils have nice antioxidant properties. They will assist enhance your immune system and destroy the microbes too.

Then take dietary supplements that can particularly goal viruses, micro organism, parasites and fungus together with candida. These embrace colloidal silver, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, l-lysene, excessive doses of vitamin c and bee propolis taken each day. Depending in your situation, it could take a number of weeks to a number of months to rid the physique of those viruses, micro organism, parasites and fungus. Also, B17, wormwood and black walnut hull destroys fungus.

Holistic analysis signifies the advantages of ozone / oxygen remedy mixed with the opposite holistic strategies.

Also, do the next with respect to cleansing: Drink at the least eight, eight ounce glasses of pure spring or filtered water each day. Drink at the least one glass of water with recent lemon or lime in it. Eat primarily recent uncooked natural greens in salads and juices. Eat lot of greens together with tremendous meals akin to avocado, chia seeds, flaxseeds, chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass. Do not eat processed, refined, packaged or junk meals. Avoid refined sugar, transfats and dairy. Avoid or tremendously cut back meat. If you eat pink meat for protein and iron, eat solely natural, grass fed beef. If you want additional protein and iron because of this weight loss program, take protein powder and iron dietary supplements.

Alkalize the physique by means of a complete meals plant primarily based natural weight loss program and a drink of filtered water with baking soda (with out aluminum in it) and recent lemon. Greatly cut back stress and do each day coronary heart centered prayer and meditation.

Exercise each day. Do cardio and mild weights. At the very least, stroll two to three miles per day. Stretch each day or do yoga. Get loads of solar. To enhance the immune system it is vital to get satisfactory relaxation and sleep and to have interaction in deep respiratory (for oxygen) and non secular practices akin to each day meditation and prayer. to cut back annoying ideas, heart your self in your physique and center of your brow and follow mindfulness. Through mindfulness you keep targeted with full consciousness and consideration on the second. Also, enhance your vitality by means of visualization. Sit comfortably and shut your eyes. Visualize a vibrant white solar in the course of your photo voltaic plexus.Now, think about that mild fill your torso with vibrant white, expansive mild. Hold that visualization for a couple of minutes till you are feeling re-energized. Get loads of relaxation and sleep, keep away from stress and take pleasure in life.

This article is for info functions solely. It shouldn’t be supposed to be used to diagnose or deal with illness. It shouldn’t be supposed to be medical recommendation. For medical recommendation and to diagnose and deal with illness, seek the advice of a licensed medical physician.

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