The Infertile Mormon

A few months in the past, we had been at my mother and father' home preparing for Christmas dinner when considered one of my nieces comes operating down the steps crying due to one thing my loopy son had carried out. So, I known as him down and requested what had occurred. His reply was, "Well, I guess I gotta tell you the truth because, ya know Jesus? Ya, well he knows everything anyway." He continued on with throwing himself below the bus.

My level in telling you that is that after I acquired the invitation to talk immediately I actually struggled at first as to which path and strategy to take this. Through heaps and many prayer, I simply saved feeling like I simply wanted to be me. Just share my story. No holds bars. I saved considering, I've gotta liken my scenario to somebody within the scriptures, like Alma or Sarah and Hagar or one thing. But I simply felt unsure about it. Still pissed off, I known as my talking associate to get a really feel as to the path we should always go. And, you understand what she mentioned to me? She mentioned, "People come from all over not to hear about Alma. We know about Alma. We want to know about you." And it's humorous as a result of these actual phrases of "just tell about you" saved coming to me whereas penning this. So that's what you get. The uncooked, terrible reality that's me. I've determined to not sugar coat the story and simply offer you me. Because ya know Jesus, ya effectively He is aware of every little thing.

So, as I little one I by no means had any motive to doubt that someday I used to be going to be a mom after I grew up. Like most of you, I performed with my dolls on a regular basis. I babysat after faculty, weekends and all summer season lengthy. I watched my sisters for my mother and father. My mother even advised me as soon as that I took the position so severely that I’d even attempt to take over her disciplinarian position.

So, when I discovered myself scuffling with fertility points at the start of our newly married life, it was fairly devastating at first. Especially being LDS – everybody has a ton of children they usually have them fairly rapidly. At this level, we had solely been married a couple of 12 months however folks started asking my husband and I after we had been going to have a child. (as if it had been their enterprise.) This questions make me actually defensive and at instances even indignant. I attempted actually exhausting to reply their query actually lighthearted however inside, that darn query from others would actually damage.

Well, time went on and 12 months after 12 months we nonetheless had no child. I felt my physique was betraying me as a result of in any case, this was my calling in life, was it not? We are advised to multiply and replenish the earth, proper? This was a righteous need, proper? So, why had been we discovering this commandment so exhausting to maintain – and really not having the ability to maintain it wasn't the issue. We weren't capable of comply with it in any respect!

Little issues appeared to make the ache damage essentially the most. Things like seeing the varsity buses selecting up and dropping off the little ones. Commercials with moms holding their infants. Christmases had been very exhausting. We would all the time come dwelling to Boise for the vacations however there have been actually infants all over the place and watching my sisters with their little ones would kill me inside. They can be opening up their pajamas on Christmas eve or constructing gingerbread homes collectively and even simply baking cookies for his or her children. The holidays are actually about and for the youngsters – however we didn't have any.

Mother's day! Oh Mother's day! It was THE WORST !! Especially going to church on Mother's day! (The ones I might deliver myself to go to.) There was all the time this awkward second with you and the younger man handing out the crops, or sweet bars or regardless of the reward could also be of "Do I had her the flower? Do I not hand her the flower? For me it was, "Do I take the plant, do I not take the plant.?"

It seemed honestly everywhere I looked, I saw a painful reminder of what I lacked. It seemed that women all around me were pregnant. I saw people who mistreated their children were having child after child. Even children were having children. Some woman would complain to me about their children or how miserable they were in their pregnancy and I would literally want to hurt them. My older sisters were nearly done having their kids. My younger sisters were having children. My nieces were having children. EVERYONE was having a child !! My friends were all having children, therefore moving to a different phase of their lives. Which, in turn, made the circle of people I was compatible with, that much smaller.

What made it harder is that it's such a lonely trial. I didn't know of one single person who I could go to that could honestly say they understood. Not one single person.

My husband and I received fertility treatment after treatment. You name it – we tried it, and probably two or three times. This costing us thousands of dollars. We were actually told twice the that treatment had worked and that I was pregnant. Twice, they were what I'll call "false positives." We even attempted adoption unsuccessfully two times. We fasted. Our families fasted. We prayed. Our families prayed. Our names were added to temple prayer rolls. Still, no baby.

At one point I even tried bargaining with Heavenly Father in an effort to help us reverse this trial. I believed in miracles and I was desperate for one. I was convinced that there was something I needed to do better. Something I wasn't doing right or some spiritual lesson I needed to learn. I thought also that there was something from my past I had done maybe that I was being punished for. I needed to figure our what it was and fix it! However, trying to change myself and bargaining with the Lord and doing everything I was supposed to be doing still did not change the fact that we were childless.

This struggle lasted for nearly nine years. During this time, I have to be fully honest. My relationship with my Heavenly Father was affected. It seemed that for years my prayers went unanswered – therefore obviously unheard. Soon I hate to admit, I lost the desire to pray altogether. I found myself becoming an angry person inside. I became less and less humble and more and more angry. My life was going in a direction I didn't want it to. I remember specifically one Sunday at church a woman had come up to me and I was once again asked when we were planning on having kids. I simply told her it was the Lord's plan for us quite yet. Her response to me haunted me for a long time. She told me that maybe I was not cut out to be a mother because some women just weren't, or maybe I just wasn't ready. This made me sick. REALLY!?! REALLY?!? Because the young 14 year old girl I saw last week was TOTALLY ready to be a mother to the child she was carrying?!?!

I grabbed my husband by the hand and we left the building. When we got home, I went directly to our room and plopped myself down on the floor. It was there on those hardwood floors that I realized I had actually believed my long unanswered prayers meant that I was not loved by or even remembered by my Heavenly Father. He did not know me. He could have cared less who I was or what I was going through. That my prayers must have been bouncing off that ceiling because clearly no one was listening to them. I remember when I actually realized this, I was surprisingly once again brought to my knees. I prayed for myself, once again but this time concerning something else besides having a child. I remember simply asking, "Do you like me? Do you even know I’m right here? Do you even know who I’m?"

As soon as I asked this question, and I mean as soon as I asked this question, for the very first time in my life, it had never happened before and it hasn't happened since a prayer was answered instantly. I was overwhelmed with feelings of love, happiness and peace. I didn't say anything more in that prayer. I just knelt there. I did not want to leave that spot! That feeling of comfort and peace was so longed for. From that moment I began to understand the gift of the atonement. In Gethsemane our Savior took upon himself our pains, our sorrows, our sicknesses. He sweat drops of blood as he suffered for ALL of our afflictions. Even my infertility. Before this answer to this prayer, I know I understood the atonement and that He did what He did for the world. However, now I KNEW that He did what He did for ME!

I knew that because of the gift of the Atonement, the Savior understood my pain. Because He knew me and what I was going through, I did not have to feel alone. My understanding of the Savior's love for me was forever changed.

During my "therapeutic part," so to speak, I came across an Ensign, published in 2005. Something Russell M Nelson said spoke to me and I've kept this quite near ever since. He writes …

"I acknowledge that, from time to time, a few of our most fervent prayers could appear to go unanswered. We surprise, 'Why?' I do know that feeling! I do know the fears and tears of such moments. But I additionally know that our prayers are by no means ignored. Our religion is rarely unappreciated. I do know that an all-wise Heavenly Father's perspective is far broader than is ours. While we all know of our mortal issues and ache, He is aware of of our immortal progress and potential. If we pray to know His will and submit ourselves to it with persistence and braveness, heavenly therapeutic can happen in His personal approach and time. "

-Russell M. Nelson, "Jesus Christ-the Master Healer," Ensign, Nov. 2005

About a year or so after that answer to my prayer, we were blessed though adoption with a beautiful son. And three and a half years after that, we were blessed with a perfect adopted daughter. Those are long stories in and of themselves. I don't know if this deeper, personal understanding of the atonement or realizing that my Savior indeed did know me and love me was the lesson I was intended to learn. However, I do know that I am loved. I know that I am worth something. A lot, actually, in the eyes of the Lord. I know my Savior knows me by name.

I had to learn that my importance was not to be determined by the number of children I am blessed with. I actually still have to remind myself of this. I am learning that I am not loved anymore or any less than another who has let's say 8 children. M Russell Ballard once said, "Sadly, in immediately's world, an individual's significance is usually judged by the dimensions of viewers earlier than which she or he performs. That is how media and sports activities packages are rated, how company prominence is usually decided and infrequently how governmental rank is obtained. That could also be why roles corresponding to father, mom, and missionary seldom obtain standing ovations. Father, moms and missionaries "play" earlier than very small audiences. Yet, within the eyes of the Lord, there could also be just one measurement of viewers that’s of lasting significance – and that is only one, … "

People still ask "when are you gonna have one other one? Are you gonna have one other one? And actually, that query nonetheless stings a bit. It nonetheless hurts however solely as a result of it's out of my management. It's within the Lord's time. Not mine. I don't know if we'll be blessed with one other alternative to undertake. But I do know, that I really feel extraordinarily blessed with the 2 I've been entrusted with.

So, right here's what I've realized … Often instances God provides us solutions to our issues not by eliminating the issue. (mine nonetheless hasn't gone away), however by giving us the power to face them.

I really feel now that on quite a few events all through my life, God has taught me that I’ve been preserved and ready for a singular calling. That makes me particular. That jogs my memory that he hasn't forgotten me – really fairly the alternative. He remembered me, my strengths and my weaknesses and saved me for one thing further particular. ? I've needed to fully change my mind-set. I can not enable myself to ask "why in the world was I given this trial? Or, what have I done to deserve this? – as if God is really up there casting some curse on me. My son is nearly six and I 've just now started to get an idea as to why I had to wait nine years to get him. I am just beginning to understand that I was being prepared and preserved to raise this particular little boy and this particular little girl. Because He hasn 't forgotten them either.

I've also learned that we shouldn't judge others for their actions and choices and trials. EVER. We honestly have no clue what turmoil they are experiencing.

One day last week, my daughter was having a particularly rough morning. My son took full advantage of it by teasing her with his little plastic snake, that he knew she was afraid of. She cried, Stop it! Stop it! A few times before I decided to step in. I asked him, "son, what a part of STOP do you not perceive? His response so humorous, it took all I needed to not chuckle out loud. He merely mentioned, with none thought," Um, the S and probably the T! "

When we see somebody who's struggling, generally it's simple to say, "Oh, if that were me, than I'd do such n such. Or, I'd NEVER do such n such." I swear, throughout the 9 years I waited for my children, I believed I used to be going to be the right mom and I had all of it discovered! But boy, was I mistaken.

You see, my daughter was having a tough sufficient morning because it was. She did want her brother kicking her whereas she was down.

Are we not exhausting sufficient on ourselves ?? We shouldn't have to fret about what others are saying to / about us?

President Ukdorf mentioned it so completely, so I’ll quote him phrase for phrase.

He mentioned, "Stop it!

"It's that easy. We merely must cease judging others and substitute judgmental ideas and emotions with a coronary heart full of affection for God and His kids. God is our Father. We are His kids. We are all brothers and sisters."

I've realized that if I can maintain my deal with others' wants, it helps me overlook about my trials. We should be there to remind others who’re struggling that they aren't forgotten both. We aren't to guage them. Just love them. Both of the birthmother's who’ve sacrificed a lot for my son and my daughter I'm positive have skilled coronary heart ached past my comprehension. Yet, have needed to battle with the opinions and judgments of others. I’d by no means need them to really feel that we had forgotten them or take their sacrifice without any consideration. It is my job to assist them not really feel forgotten.

Maybe you've misplaced a cherished one. He has not forgotten you.

You or considered one of your kids could also be an addict. He has not forgotten you.

Maybe you're struggling financially, or with job safety. He has not forgotten you.

You could really feel on their lonesome. He has not forgotten you.

Maybe you’re being abused or have suffered from abuse. He has not forgotten you.

You could also be going by means of a divorce. He has not forgotten you.

Maybe you're single girl who has wound up pregnant. He has not forgotten you.

We are going to face trials. We are. Some harder that others. Some will final rather a lot longer than others. But the Savior will all the time be there for us. He has made this a promise. He gave his life for us! For me. For you. That's how we all know He remembers us.

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