The Top 10 Worst PC Viruses of All Time

Viruses have been round for many years and they’re created generally as a prank however different occasions to create destruction. Back within the 80s laptop viruses had been unfold by people the virus was saved on a disk and distributed by people. When the web turned fashionable the unfold of laptop viruses turned an actual drawback.

The Top 10 Computer Viruses

The Melissa Virus was created in 1999 and was based mostly on a Microsoft Word macro. It unfold by way of an e mail message attachment. When the attachment was clicked the virus replicated and went out to the highest 50 folks in your contact guide. This meant the virus unfold in a short time. It triggered issues within the US to the federal government and the personal sector. The creator of the virus was sentenced to 20 months in jail and a $5,000 tremendous.

The ILOVEYOU virus was launched in 2000 and was a worm written in Visual Basic Scripting which was self replicating. The virus travelled by way of e mail and prompt messaging shoppers with the topic line saying it was from a secret admirer. The virus was capable of copy itself and conceal in numerous folders on the pc’s onerous drive. New information had been created to the registry keys the virus was capable of steal passwords and e mail them to the hackers e mail handle. Apparently the ILOVEYOU virus triggered $10 billion in damages.

The Klez virus launched in 2001 once more unfold by way of e mail messages. This one was notably intelligent and used spoofing which made the virus e mail look as if it was coming from an individual in your handle guide. It was a nasty virus which might go away your machine unusable. The virus was many issues and might be a worm, Trojan horse, it might disable virus scanning software program and masquerade as a virus removing software program. This virus demonstrates how necessary it’s to spend money on internet security antivirus software program.

The Code Red and Code Red II worms appeared in 2001. If your machines was contaminated with the Code Red II worm a distant person was capable of management your laptop by way of a backdoor to entry all of its data and commit cyber crimes. Windows NT machines had been affected by Code Red worms which triggered them to crash. Microsoft ultimately launched a safety patch which prevented your laptop from an infection nevertheless if you happen to already had a virus you wanted purchase antivirus software program to take away it.

The Nimda Virus was one other from 2001 which unfold extraordinarily shortly. It was designed to assault web servers to deliver web site visitors to a standstill. This virus additionally attacked computer systems and unfold by way of e mail. It additionally created backdoors which allowed the creators of the virus to take management of the machine.

The SQL Slammer virus hit in 2003 and was designed to assault net servers. This virus introduced down The Bank of America’s ATM service and Continental Airlines needed to cancel flights because of digital ticketing issues. This virus unfold so quick in fifteen minutes the virus had contaminated practically half of the servers that act because the pillars of the Internet.

The MyDoom virus was one other virus that created backdoors on sufferer’s machines. It triggered issues for serps by sending search requests and utilizing e mail addresses present in outcomes. Search engines obtained tens of millions of searches from corrupted machines which slowed it down and triggered serps to crash.

The Sasser virus attacked susceptible laptop programs and made it tough to close your laptop down with out reducing the facility. The virus unfold over the online and was downloaded onto your machine.

The Netsky virus unfold by way of e mail it created a denial of service (DoS) assault this triggered programs to break down. The Sasser and Netsky virus had been created by the identical individual a 17-year-old German named Sven Jaschan, who fortunately did not serve any jail time because of his age.

The Storm Worm a Trojan horse from 2006 was named this as a result of e mail messages carrying the virus had a topic line “230 dead as storm batters Europe.” The virus allowed hackers to take over computer systems and ship spam. The virus unfold by way of the downloading of pretend hyperlinks to information tales and movies with the topic line altering to replicate present topical information occasions. This virus has stated to have been detected on greater than 200 million emails.

Source by Louise Goldstein

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