The Trauma of Circumcision

Until you make the unconscious acutely aware, it can direct your life and you’ll name it destiny. – Carl Jung

I typed “C I R C U M C I S I O N” into my laptop. I used to be not ready for what I noticed subsequent.

A screaming child. Contorted face. Rigid physique.

A tiny, tender, weak, new child child boy who had been curled up in a ball for 9 months within the womb, stretched out and strapped down spread-eagle. Erect penis. Clamps. Razor sharp scalpel. Blood.

I turned away. Closed my eyes. One second and I had already seen greater than sufficient for a lifetime.

Knives and blood? Genitals and screaming? This is what’s euphemistically known as “circumcision”?

It was only a photograph, however my entire life was there in that second with that child – coronary heart racing, adrenalin pumping, each muscle tensing, combating, squirming, struggling, screaming, crying, attempting with all my would possibly to get away from that knife.

Knowing, attributable to my work in psychological well being, that trauma imprinted a thoughts, I noticed a catastrophe within the making — an harmless consciousness being welded to emotions of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, loneliness, isolation, terror, panic, anger, intercourse, and violence.

I could not assist however surprise, Where is that child now?… and What is his life like at the moment? Is he pleased and peaceable? Or has he lived his whole life kicking and screaming in response to this long-forgotten trauma? Does he keep away from individuals? Push them away? Run away? Does he then surprise why? Does he depart catastrophe in his wake?

Does he scream aloud or cry inside, “You don’t really love me. Leave me alone! Don’t touch me! Go away! I hate you!” Is he one of the numerous males who commit suicide at 4 instances the speed of girls?

Quite frankly, truthfully and easily, in that photograph I noticed rape.

If the sufferer had been an grownup, a woman youngster – and even an animal – the abuser could be jailed and newspapers all around the world could be up in arms about it. If individuals knew what the follow entailed, they’d not used the sanitized phrase, circumcision, however they’d name it what it’s: inhumane, rape, torture, sexual mutilation, assault and battery.

I questioned, How can we be so seemingly oblivious to the hurt this follow causes?

Maybe as a result of – like me – so few persons are really conscious of what circumcision actually is. We’ve been given the whitewashed model. And then I learn that this child is just one of greater than 1,000,000 child boys who’re circumcised annually within the United States. One each 26 seconds.

No surprise, I sighed. No surprise there are such a lot of lonely, sad, determined, confused, pissed off, indignant males.

It could be tough to think about a extra insidious wound to the physique and psyche than this widespread follow: routine toddler circumcision, however right here it’s — made public on the Internet — and now on the display screen of my laptop.

Physically restraining an toddler. Handling his genitals. Cutting on their tender pores and skin. Altering their type, construction and performance. Changing his relationship to his physique and sexuality eternally.

If we might see circumcision from a rational, goal perspective, we’d absolutely need to classify it as probably the most excessive type of childhood sexual abuse: child rape. And if we have been trustworthy with ourselves, we must cease and shake our heads on the ignorance of our ancestors.

Why on earth would anybody ever do that to a child? There needs to be a really emotional, irrational aspect to circumcision.

Violence. Cutting! An irreversible mutilation!

From my disaster counseling work, I knew that abuse is particularly devastating when it occurs to youngsters earlier than they’ve phrases for it. The terror is welded to each cell of youngsters’s our bodies — and as adults they’ve a tough time in life. Circumcision leaves each bodily and psychological scars.

I might solely guess what the world could be like at the moment if the United States hadn’t been slicing a majority of its male infants for the previous 60 years. Common sense says, if we had been kinder to our infants, they may have grown as much as be kinder, gentler, happier, more healthy adults. Earth is likely to be a kinder, gentler, happier, more healthy planet.

The implications of this terror, deliberately inflicted by human palms on infants, immediately overshadows almost each different concern I’ve ever had about my life and the world basically.

Could circumcision be the foundation of man’s inhumanity to man?

No matter how merciless, each perpetrator has first been a sufferer and right here we’re, manufacturing potential perpetrators each time we minimize an toddler.

Is it solely a coincidence that the one three cultures that circumcise their younger are at battle within the Middle East? Yes, Jews, English-speaking Christians and Muslims are the one three cultures that circumcise their younger.

I had no concept what would occur once I typed “C I R C U M C I S I O N” into my laptop. That was a protracted, deep journey in a really quick area of time. A quick lesson in a stunning fact. I sat again in my chair.

This is it. A clue to exponentially bettering the standard of life on this planet, to take one tiny step towards the therapeutic of what I’ve at all times known as “man’s inhumanity to man.”

How on earth did such an odd and terrible follow start, anyway? Turning again to my laptop, I started to learn… and I learn and browse… For years I learn and researched this topic, till I lastly discovered it had occurred to me. Suddenly my males made sense, my life made sense… after which I wrote my e book.

Source by Patricia Robinett

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