Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

The 0xc000021a error represents "STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED" – primarily indicating that Windows experienced an error so deep within the system that it was overcome running.

It shows as a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) when you activate your system, as well as is normally activated when you update a Windows 10 COMPUTER.

Blue Screens of Death are a well-known component of Windows (with many individuals mentioning the trouble beginning with Windows 95) – triggering the system to suddenly collapse (as well as reveal a "blue" error display).

Whilst insignificant for many individuals, the BSOD in fact stands for a trouble deep within the heart of the Windows system.

Either some component of the software application pile, or its link to the system's equipment, has actually created an error so major that Windows cannot proceed running.

The most normal BSOD mistakes take place as an outcome of vehicle driver concerns. This error is brought on by a messed up Windows Update.


The primary sources of the error consist of:

  • Windows Update did not total efficiently (yet left documents on your system)
  • The Update submits set up on your COMPUTER did not totally overwrite the old ones
  • Your system might have obstructed specific installment procedures from finishing (anti-virus etc)

Typically, the complying with documents will certainly be at mistake:

  • winlogon.exe – in charge of logon / turn off methods within Windows 10. If it's harmed in any type of means, it will certainly create concerns such as the one you're experiencing
  • csrss.exe – utilized by Windows to handle visual interactivity for the system. If this is harmed, damaged or outdated, mistakes such as you're experiencing will certainly reveal

Because it's a BSOD (or else called a "STOP" error), we will certainly require to guarantee we can use repairs outside the typical operating atmosphere of Windows.

This can be attained utilizing the actions listed below:


The means to repair the error is to see to it that you have all the "startup" submits / setups fixed effectively …

1. Perform "Startup Repair"

The primary step is to guarantee you're able to run a "startup repair" on Windows 10.

Startup repair services are made to give a tidy collection of "boot" documents – permitting resolutions to the similarity concerns as you're experiencing …

  • If you can get to your system, you require to reboot it right into "Startup Repair" setting
  • To do this, you require to click onto "Start"> "Power" switch (left "charms" food selection) + hold CHANGE as well as press "Restart"
  • This will certainly raise the "Windows Recovery Environment" (blue display) which will certainly give a variety of choices with the system
  • Click on "Troubleshoot"> "Advanced Options"> "Startup Repair"
  • This will certainly carry out the fixing (will certainly take a while) and after that reboot your system
  • If the trouble lingers, relocate onto action 2
  • If you cannot get to your system (IE the error shows up after boot), you require to get to "Startup Repair" with the "forced boot" technique
  • Unlike previous variations of Windows, W10 cannot simply be restarted right into the "Recovery Environment" display – it needs to be activated
  • The finest means to do this is boot your system 3 times (each time, it requires to stop working)
  • On the 4th time, it ought to reveal the Recovery Environment (blue) display
  • From the choices that reveal, click "Troubleshoot"> "Advanced Options"> "Startup Repair"
  • Let the procedure take place and after that it ought to reboot your system

2. Resolve BCD, SFC as well as DISM concerns

If the above does not function (which won't for 40% of instances), you'll requirement to settle the different concerns with most of the core components of the Windows system.

To do this, you require to get to CMD – which needs to be done with the "Windows Recovery Environment" display we need to have seen symphonious 1 …

  • If you have accessibility to Windows, click onto "Start"> "Power"> hold "SHIFT" + click "Restart"
  • If you wear't have accessibility to Windows (IE the error reveals at boot), you'll wish to boot 3 times – on the 4th, it ought to reveal the recuperation atmosphere display
  • This will certainly raise heaven "Windows Recovery Environment" display, where you need to click "Troubleshoot"> "Advanced Options"> "Command Prompt"
  • This will certainly pack up the black CMD home window which many people need to know with

From below, you'll after that wish to kind the complying with commands:

  • "sfc / scannow" + press "Enter"
  • "DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth" + press "Enter"
  • "bootrec / rebuildbcd" + press "Enter"

After doing this, reboot.

If the error was with the boot documents of Windows, you need to see it fixed.

3. Perform "Repair" Install

Now, Windows 10 does not operate in similarly as Windows 7/8.

Back the day, you utilized to be able to carry out a "Repair Install" – which suggested that if you had any type of concerns with your system, you'd primarily have the ability to maintain all your documents etc – whilst Windows would entirely freshen itself.

This has actually been changed in W10 with the "Reset Installation" attribute.

Reset setups are hard to gain access to, yet do give you with the capability to "flush" out any one of the poor updates from your system – which need to address heaven display error you're experiencing …

  • If you wear't have a legitimate Windows 10 installment tool (DVD or USB), you require to acquire one
  • To do this, surf to your favored online search engine as well as try to find "Windows 10 Media Creation Tool"
  • Click on the Microsoft web link as well as download and install the device (it's not large)
  • After conserving the device to your system, open it
  • Select "Create installation media for another PC"
  • Choose the ideal language as well as system style (see to it it's precisely the like the system you have actually set up)
  • Follow the actions to develop the media (USB highly suggested)
  • Restart your system as well as boot it from the USB
  • On the first arrangement display, enter your language as well as various other choices, after that choose Next
  • Select "Repair your Computer"
  • On the "Choose an Option" display, choose "Troubleshoot"
  • From the listing that shows up, click "Reset This PC"
  • Resetting your system maintains your individual documents yet usually eliminates applications as well as motorists you might have included in the system
  • Apart from the aggravation of needing to freshen these documents, you need to obtain the system functioning once again with it

Obviously, this feels like a great deal – whilst you would certainly have the ability to obtain the installment running if you had accessibility to the system itself, if you wear't – the above is the following finest procedure.

At this factor – if the error lingers, it implies that you have additional concerns which need to be fixed (which can likewise show equipment troubles).

Whilst there are a variety of methods to do this, the genuine underlying problem is that it's likely you have some particular problem with your computer system or arrangement. To this end, you'll be much better talking with somebody with real experience of your particular system, either from a straight hands-on strategy, or with the Internet.

You ought to try to find somebody to assist on among the aid areas (Microsoft Answers will certainly benefit this), in addition to any type of additional concerns with the similarity neighborhood fixing individuals. Obviously, a repair work man is most likely mosting likely to sustain expense.

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